Past Students

Adam Waldmann
"I am eternally grateful to Rob Hall and his fantastic courses for the head-start they afforded me on the road to becoming a professional jazz musician. By the time I arrived at music college I had already covered a lot of things taught there with Rob, during private tuition and on the courses. This meant that I was in a healthy position to engage with new ideas and move my playing along.
The fun, positive but challenging and informative nature of these courses make them amongst the very the few that I would be happy to recommend to any budding Jazz musician."


JAZZ WEEKENDERS (Clyde Valley, Scotland)

"The whole atmosphere was one of encouragement and support…I would highly recommend these wonderful learning opportunities. It has been inspirational."
Ben Redman (vibraphone, Scottish Borders, Jazz Basics/Piano/Standards/Performance)

"The experience was totally positive and I enjoyed it all. Everybody attending was enthusiastic and keen to learn."
Sandy Barclay (trombone, Inverness, Jazz Standards)

"I was amazed at the progress of the whole group from our first solo attempts to the recording session at the end."
Ron Longhofer (piano, USA, Jazz Piano)

"Fantastic courses. I feel I learnt so much in a supportive and relaxed environment."
Kenneth Mullen (guitar, Glasgow, Jazz Basics/Standards)

"Informative and great value. I will certainly be recommending the course to fellow musicians."
David Clelland (drums, Stirling, Jazz Basics)

"The courses gave me the confidence to participate in group work and soloing. I enjoyed it very much!"
Marion Fry (trombone, Edinburgh, Jazz Basics)


"The tutor worked well to unify what might seem like a diverse mix of students. It was very encouraging and confidence boosting."
Nathan Moore (guitar, Cambridge, Cambridge Summer Course)

"The girls had a fantastic time…they have already asked to be added to the participants for next years course."
Alexandra & Felicity (flute/sax, Hertfordshire, Cambridge Summer Course)


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The tutor [Rob Hall] was knowledgeable, personable and skilled, relating well to participants like myself from a classical background, as well as those from a rhythm/blues/pop background."
Douglas Thornton (flute, Edinburgh, Glasgow Summer Course)

"I just wanted to say how much my son enjoyed the jazz course..he just loved it and has definitely caught the bug."
Cameron (saxophone, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Summer Course)

"I now have a much more solid basis for improvising and a better understanding of how to play Jazz, and learnt a lot from playing in an ensemble."
Andy Shuttleworth (guitar, Paisley, Glasgow Summer Course)


"I absolutely loved the course. It was eye-opening, inspirational and really enjoyable; The confidence and experience of the tutor infused me with the certainty that I could just do it; truly a nurturing environment. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
Heba Mostafa (Harp, King’s College Cambridge)

"Rob proved to be a very patient and understanding teacher…I was never once made to feel inadequate and returned from the course feeling inspired and encouraged"
Julie Rogerson (Alto Sax, Cumbria)

"I have been on several Jazz Course UK courses and I keep coming back for more! Everytime I come away with so much knowledge. The jazz vocal course with Brigitte Beraha was excellent. Great methods and so much useful content. Rob is also an excellent teacher and musician and his methods are very thorough and the contents very detailed. There is so much packed into two days and it's certainly well worth the money."
Fidelia Odili (voice, Edinburgh)

"This was a fantastically enjoyable weekend and I’m truly grateful to Rob and Abi for organising it, to Tim Richards for giving amazing tuition and to the bassist and drummer who came along to provide brilliant and sympathetic rhythm section for our mini-concert. I found the relaxed nature of the Old Schoolhouse superb and I would definitely recommend the courses at The Music Workshop, Scotland."
Andrew Dawson (Piano, Chester)

"I enjoyed the excellent teaching and methodical step-by-step- approach taken by our tutor Rob Hall, who helped to foster an encouraging and supportive atmosphere within the group. I would definitely recommend the course to others."
Margaret Woods Nunn (Piano, Cambridge)

"I really enjoyed the course and will seriously consider another Jazz Course UK course in future"
Mike Downes (Alto Sax, Suffolk)

"An excellent weekend workshop full of useful hints and tips which were all very practical. The tutor Tim Richards was helpful and encouraging and I would definitely recommend the Jazz Piano course to others."
Jan Winder (Piano, Glasgow)


"a brilliant weekend...just the right amount of encouragement and challenge"
Doug Hutchison - piano (Inverness)

"Thanks for everything. I had a terrific experience!"
Matthew Staples - alto sax (Munich, Germany)

"An inspiring weekend"
John Hubbard - tenor saxophone (Worcestershire)

"I left the course with a sense of achievement - I would definitely go again!"
Jacky Vine - clarinet (Hertfordshire)

"a well presented mix of teaching and ensemble playing... unmissable!"
Harry Mulholland - alto sax (Ayrshire)

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative course with a BIG highlight at the end"
Eric Reid - piano (Dumbarton)

"The course covered a lot of ground and the opportunity to play as part of a piano trio was very valuable"
Katherine Whitehead - piano (Cambridgeshire)

"Thanks for a great weekend"
Andrew Roscamp - Tenor sax (Darlington)

"The course has given me plenty of ideas to experiment with and strategies for practice"
Caroline Tye - alto sax (Hertfordshire)


"Rob Hall is a top-class player with a serious commitment to teaching. We prepared an astonishing variety of material in only two days, and went out on a high with a performance at the Biggar Little Festival."
Allan Grimley – piano (Associate Lecturer, Open University)

"a considerate, non-threatening style of facilitating a group which helps people to play in a more relaxed way"
Les Goldman – tenor sax (Bradford)

"These courses are an invaluable step in the jazz ladder of musical experience"
John Tonna – piano (Malta)

"The course material was spot on…a great experience"
Bob Inglis – trumpet (Yorkshire)

"Very stimulating and encouraging …. I’ll be back!"
Patrick Byrne – harmonica (London)

"Providing a great opportunity for students and teachers to acquire core skills relevant to ABRSM Jazz Exams"
Richard Crozier (Director of Professional Development, ABRSM)

Past Courses

"Best course I’ve been on - relaxed, clear and a good atmosphere."
Tamsin Haggis - violin & Lecturer in Lifelong Learning, Stirling University

"‘Delivered more thoughtfully than many of the established musical institutions."
Phillip Ragsdell - jazz drummer & educator

"Our tutor Rob Hall was inspiring, encouraging and worked hard to help the group improve their skill."
Wendy Wilkinson - alto sax

"A very worthwhile experience and excellent value."
John Hubbard - tenor sax

"A great balance of practical, theoretical and experimental elements of jazz - Loved it!"
Hamish Napier - piano & music educator

"The whole experience was very motivating."
Janice Winder - piano (Glasgow)

"The best week I've ever had - totally supportive and educational."
Mary May - vocalist

"I felt we had leaders who aren't just good teachers but are also
recognised performers.
Kevin Hayes - saxophonist

"A friendly and informal approach which brings out the best in everyone."
Alan Falconer - guitarist

“I would definitely recommend the course to others”
Andy Spiers – drums

“ I’d like to thank you for helping to make such a great week. I had a fantastic time, one of the best weeks of my life”
Joel Milner – guitar

“I really enjoyed it – it was just what I wanted”
Hazel Todd – tenor sax

"I have never experienced playing in front of a packed venue with the crowd shouting for more"
Alyson Rodgers – alto sax

"I had a great time. It gave me lots of experience of playing with others both in the studio and live"
Rene Dela Varre - guitar

“ The explanation of topics covered was excellent”
Cameron Scott – bass guitar

“ I thought the course was brilliant and want to do it again”
Oliver Fleck – clarinet

“ A great weekend, what life's all about!” Steve Ireland – guitar

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